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    When you are being fed exaggerations, misrepresentations and misconceptions by Mr. Mel Gibson in his recent movie, TPOC ("The Passions of Christ", which was timed by Mel Gibson to open precisely on the 10th anniversary of the first World Trade Center terrorist bombing, February 26, 2004), exactly what does it mean to have faith?  The passions of Christ? Godspell? Is not Mel Gibson's commercially motivated venture into TPOC not really a plea that we must "Have Faith in Dog!" rather than having Faith in God?  In a world where the memory of twelve million murdered Jews and 20 million Europeans or more murdered by the Nazi's "Final Solution" is soft-peddled as "imaginary" by his father and mother, it is difficult to fathom how a political piece like TPOC could emerge on the director's cuff of Mr. Mel Gibson in a false expression of religious passion.  In fact, it bespeaks Gibson's underlying commitment to HATE, but we question whether that's just a byproduct of his financial motives, illness surrounding his recent drug / breakdown problems or whether Mel is truly a HATE MONGER. 

    Sadly, his perpetuation of the false myth of Jewish complicity in the Roman execution of Jesus, demonstrates an apparent agenda on his part, a hope that such HATE Mongering will result. And it already has, as evidenced by Churches who have posted on their announcement signage: "Jews murdered our Lord".  It is very likely only a matter of short time, before anti-Semites in the USA begin to attack Jews in false retaliation.  Mark our words.  In this critique, we are not going to argue the merits of historical fabrication, the writings in Mathew, authored in Rome at a time when the Roman State was being forced to adopt the Christian variation of Judaism by it's leadership, represented a concession to "keeping the OTHER Jews out of power here" by setting up a political firewall against the Temple of Jerusalem, while organizing the Temple of Rome, later which came to be known as the Vatican.

    Based on the incredible inaccuracy introduced into the New Testament which falsely blames the Jewish high priesthood for the murder of Christ, concocted by a "feeling very guilty" and "very much looking to pass the buck onto a scapegoat" early Roman Christianity (today known as Catholicism): Rome, knowing it's own soldiers had executed Jesus of Nazareth and written it off as "Thief, Hanged", spent considerable effort rewriting history in the style of the era's playwrights, during a period when the organization of the early Vatican was looked at as a form of "reform Judaism", and as such, had to avoid political blame.  So, they found it very easy to once again victimize the very Jews whose religion had become the basis of Christianity 1900 years ago, blaming back the very people from whom Jesus, the Essene Rabbi of Nazareth, came.

    In the course of it all, a Jewish man named Joshua Panderit (Jesus to those of the Christian faith), a dissenter who had threatened Rome by challenging the leadership of the Holy City, causing Rome to become fearful that the Jews would rise up under his leadership and take back Jerusalem,  was then allegedly hanged by a Roman Garrison for stealing.   His followers, aghast at the loss of their leader, were either unable or unwilling to let go of the power of his leadership, what it had contributed to their Essene sect of Judaism, so it became vital for them to perpetuate a belief of his Return, and in the alternative, his Resurrection, for their own political strength and unity sake. No matter what the circumstances of his execution by the Romans was: he was turned after his murder (or state sanctioned execution by the Romans) into a Martyr not quite like any martyr in history. When the core elite of Rome later adopted his religion, they hid their own guilt behind the creation of this "Christian Sanction", the elocution of the Vatican Counsel, creating a mystique around writings of the era, and in the translation of writings they deliberately rewrote Caeiphus not into a Political Opponent (like John Kerry vs. President Bush),  they completely rewrote Jesus's role, the history of his demise, the role of various disciples, creating the "Judas Goat" and added much to a "Christ Mythos" and the false allegations that Jesus's opponents in the political hierarchy of Judea were actually the culprits, and not the Roman Soldiers who'd executed him, after all.  That kind of practice was very common in the era after Jesus's death, both in Rome and elsewhere. The partial truth or partial falsehood, or otherwise, of the final period of Joshua Panderit's life (the so-called "crucifixion" era) is a time period so clouded by the enhanced religious writings which have been even further amplified by 2000 years of religious doctrine, religious study, historical study, art, imagination, theater and speculation, modern mankind will likely never know the actual Historical facts unless someone invents Time Travel.  (The election to accept Christ as one's savior is a very personal decision better left up to the heart and soul of every person.  However, we're addressing here human representations, or rather, misrepresentations and how they have molded human perceptions about who killed Christ, which falsehoods about Caeiphus and Judas have led to virulent, vile, violent, and murderous anti-Semitism, and a state of perpetual denial that Jesus Christ was espousing the Essene Doctrine of Judaism, by anti-Semitic elements.  You will see some examples of the consequences on this page, examples from the mid 20th Century Nazi Holocaust.)

    Thus led to the casual and increasing belief expressed by the forming Vatican's advocates, it's disciples and the Roman state, that Jesus was actually, ex officio, the Son of God (which at the time was believed to be the fundamental requirement for any such Messiah - one had to be "divine" to be free of human imperfection and sinfulness...), and therefore the Messiah of early Christian fable (not the original Jewish "Meschiach", by the way - that is a different term referring to someone who, in life, unites the heavens and the earth, unlike the man, Joshua Panderit / Jesus, whose life and death have become the controversial "football", the very kindling matter of many wars, the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the basis of two thousand years of constant, caustic and extremely misplaced anti-Semitic assault against the very Jews whose philosophies Jesus/Joshua Panderit took to his grave. It is considerable irony that at this moment in History, when Jews are being victimized by Islamists who have misinterpreted the writings of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, that along comes Mr. Australian Celebrity, Mel Gibson, and his extraordinarily prejudiced parents, claiming to believe in Love, while preaching the same agenda of Jew blaming, baiting and hatred.  Irony indeed.)

    When an ill-guided individual like Mel Gibson, or his father, Hutton Gibson, come to believe that because it takes some quantity of petrol to dispose of a dead body, so therefore 6 million Jews "could not have been killed" by Adolph Hitler. The Gibsons forget the millions of photographed bodies in lime lined graves unearthed by the Allied expeditionary forces.  These were not the millions of bodies that were incinerated, just the ones shot or gassed. The Gibsons forget the steady pace of orchestrated Holocaust, orchestrated by computer punch card mechanized efficiency, night and day at 70 death camps around the clock from 1937 to 1945.

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     That's 9 years, times 365 days a year, times an average of 50 death camps, about 164250 "death camp incineration/gassing/shooting days". One realizes it would only take a rate of 40 Jewish incinerations/gassings and shootings per DCI/G/S Day, average, to achieve that number. The Gibsons demonstrate such incredible ignorance, that it all leads one to the awareness that a deeper state than just ignorance exists in both Mr. Gibson and his father, a STUPIDITY that fuels their own passions for religion and relies on their own ignorance of Jesus's history to blind them into playing the blame game.  Yes, Mel Gibson is a STUPID MAN (but not for reasons of his beliefs, for his beliefs are synthetic) as is his father.  I am not saying they are BAD MEN, for I doubt they know the EVIL of their own words or acts.  But there is a sinister agenda here, nonetheless, which promotes Mel Gibson and his career, while further victimizing an entire religion.


Mel GibsonMad Max Beyond Thunderdome    Mel Gibson is also a man known for the violence in his own films, films like Mad Max where senseless violence dominates road warriors fighting over the available gasoline - playing on the fears of Opec withholding oil to America.  He is a man known for his advocacy of self abuse (that is, by alcohol, cigarette, sex, mischief and other intoxicants) who purports to be passionate about Christ.  However, Gibson, according to this historically inaccurate liturgy found in TPOC, is depicting an arrogant Jesus who propounds himself to be the Messiah, Son of God.  This arrogance did not exist in Jesus.  Clearly, as much as we all WANT TO BELIEVE IT, Jesus did not accomplish what a classical definition of a Meschiach would have in his lifetime. Nor would this humble carpenter and Rabbi ever have claimed to be the flesh and blood of God in his lifetime nor the "Savior". We Were Soldiers These labels were manifested by his disciples and later politicians. Braveheart - OrangeNor would Jesus have been so dangerous to the political establishment of his religion, that the general population would have risen up to lynch him, as Gibson suggests. Unfortunately, Historical recountings in the bible's New Testament having been altered AND filtered by politicians and scribes 1900 years ago and thereafter, there is much in the "words" said about Jesus that might be interpreted otherwise (unfortunately, we Jews and Christians have failed to hold Politicians of any era accountable for altering the religious words in our scripture that often have an agenda...) One can see in the political dialog which altered the representations about Jesus, the strong need for a "separatist" agenda (one separate from the governance of the Temple in Jerusalem) and within that a personal recruitment aimed at Romans "making the old Jewish way wrong, the new Jewish way right" an agenda of the early Catholic Mel Gibson photoChurch that made it's way into the writings about Jesus that today are thought of as Scripture.  Mel Gibson & Danny GloverSimilar political behavior by the Caliphs of Arabia altered not only the words, but the meaning of words, written by Muhammad the Prophet, to serve similar political agendas.  Fortunately, in the case of both Christians and Muslims, the sensibilities of people and their ultimate commitment to God and the Ten Commandments tends to win out over the advocacy of Hate and the advocacy of Violence that appears in such politically colorized writings found within today's renderings of what we call "New Testament" scripture. Mel Gibson

    Gibson has gone further to depict Jews everywhere around Jesus conspiring to achieve his torture and murder for no apparent reason other than general disagreement with his "peaceful philosophies" and supposedly taking issue with Gibson's false claim that Jesus called himself "the Messiah" - a complete falsehood, by the way. Gibson has found, in making this film, instead of being passionate about Christ in even a remotely accurate way, that he's motivated to demonstrate something what we already knew about Mel: he's passionate about violent scenes in films he appears in or makes (in fact, we wonder why he did not simply cast HIMSELF in the lead of this film), he appears passionate about grossly blaming Jews for allegedly murdering one of their own and ENJOYING IT, and he appears passionate about how the hundreds of thousands and millions of Jews murdered over this very same self-serving LIE, is just "what happens when you have war".  All suggesting that Mel Gibson is simply a bought and paid-for stooge of those looking to promote HATE and anti-Semitism against Jews, who is looking the other way while promoting defamation of an entire religion.

Photo Gallery    Mel Gibson is a mercenary, a self-promoting film maker who is using a volatile subject that led to the murder of millions of Jews, including millions of children, as a false justification based on the false allegation of their inappropriately alleged murder of Christ, something the Jews are ENTIRELY BLAMELESS OF.  Does he know any better?  OF COURSE HE DOES.  Does he know the Jews had nothing directly or indirectly at all to do with Jesus being hanged or crucified by the Roman State?  OF COURSE HE DOES.  Did he make a movie that was little more than a "Conspiracies of the Elders of Zion" so as to paint Jews nefarious, and was he acting in support of oil-rich anti-Semitic forces and Aryan assholes prolific in the world - all seeking to use Jew Hate as a means to polarize masses of power and influence, and run herd over the masses in their own favor?  OF COURSE HE WAS!  That's what mercenaries do, they sell their souls to the highest bidder. And in this case, Gibson sought a way to sell himself AND create such enormous controversy that we expect the upshot of it might be, that he risks likely never working in Hollywood again.


Mel Gibson
    WHY do so? one might ask?  Simple.  Mel Gibson is not "Passionate about Christ".  He's PASSIONATE ABOUT MONEY.  Photo GalleryHis life is about acting, directing and making money. This controversy was expertly designed to give his career a kick in the ass.  We doubt it will, it appears that Mel Gibson was promoted by Judeo Christian forces in his career lifetime, who are now having second thoughts of ever picking up the phone and having anything to do with the man. Now that his prior scientology-backed movies are in the can, and his career is just starting to fade along his appearance, do to his prolific smoking... and the sudden and antagonistic aging of his physical being are just catching up with him - it appears that this movie may resurrect Mel Gibson as the champion of the few (the Supremacists) and the wanted (the Terrorists) Dead or Alive!

Mel Gibson    As an Actor, Mel Gibson was very good at playing Mel Gibson playing a role. This role was about being feisty and ready to kick the ass of anyone who challenged him.  Well, we challenge him, we challenge him to tour every death camp in Germany and Poland - all 70 of them - and the Holocaust Museum before he shoots his stupid mouth off again.  We suggest he go, visit Israel and meet with and examine the history of thousands upon thousands of suicide bombed human lives.  Take his Father and Mother with him, to Germany, Poland and Israel. I challenge him to examine the archives of the Auto-d'afey in Spain, the Spanish Inquisition, and to go talk with historians about the Crusades, what they did in the name of Christ, and the entire Master Race theology, how it has it's origins in a PERVERSION of Christianity, and how it has led to that, that has corrupted Christianity during history in a way not unlike how similar such HATE and ANTI-SEMITISM has created millions of hateful Islamists in the middle east, Europe and central Asia. And I challenge him to go to Russia and look at what the Tsars and the Bolsheviks and Josef Stalin did to the Jews there, in the name of Communism or State Oppression - outlawing their religion, cutting their heads off in the street, interning them in pale of settlement, force marching them, enslaving them, and forcing them to give up their religion and God, or die. And what, exactly, did the Jews do to any of them?  Other than sharing the same air, water and planet: NOTHING. 

Mel Gibson    But in a modern world where strong financial motives play on HATE as a power base, Mel Gibson was hired because like every Celebrity (who doesn't know spit), he is very good at getting people to like him, and he is very good at attracting roles designed to make him look controversial.  Whether it is the devil may care suicidal RIGGS on Lethal Weapon, or the strange Irish warrior on Braveheart, we mostly all like his performances, yet in our minds we all know  that it is not just Mel Gibson who made the movies enjoyable. But like the descendents of apes we are, we frequently blur such distinctions, and then the Celebrity who played the lead, reaps most of the benefits of the work of thousands of nameless film making crew members.  Many of whom made Mel Gibson famous who also just happen to be Jews, now the target of his poison penned script, TPOC.


    And so, on the basis of popularity, Mel Gibson became political currency that a wealthy power base with an agenda for using Anti-Semitism could easily HIRE. And they did, he was hired to create a movie: TPOC. They did so, so as to fuel division between Christians and Jews, much like those who would do so in Crown Heights suggesting that Yiddish Scholar Yankel Rosenbaum slipped and fell on a knife, but the Jews contrived it all by deliberately losing control of a car during a parade leading to loss of life as it careened onto a sidewalk.  This bass-ackwards STUPIDITY invades the theaters of Brooklyn Crown Heights as much as it inhabits the Stupidity of the script of TPOC, just as it has fueled division between Arabs and Americans, black and Jews, Catholics and Protestants, and between Nazi Germans and everyone else during WWII.  That power base?  The Energy People of the Fourth Reich, elements of whom live in America, and control the entertainment industry and oil and communications, in the Rockefeller and Morgan camps, elements of whom are in the Mob and sell Heroin to the world, elements of whom are in the world selling Oil, Munitions, and, of course, one of their favorite weapons of polarization: HATE and the division that causes so many to buy their weapons, fuel and become pawns of their profit, in times of conflict and war.  For it is those who have hired the MERCENARY MEL GIBSON, the actor and would be whore who asks you to believe a completely distorted view of Joshua Panderit (Jesus) because you see it so graphically depicted on film.  "As seen on Film".

    As you line Mel Gibson's mercenary pockets by seeing this absurd film, you are doing that which everyone in Hollywood has discovered: people will buy unsubstantiated lies so long as the target of those lies, the scapegoats of the HATE intended to be bred into you by the film, are within that film entirely unable to speak back on their own defense or behalf within the medium you are forced to view it all in, the film theater.  NO REBUTTAL.  TOO COMPLEX TO REBUT ANYWAY.  And to everyone who would try and believe these inaccuracies being fed them by Mr. Gibson and his paternal figure's ravings, please remember, they are not really asking you to have faith in God, they are slipping you a line and hoping you will have faith "in Dog!"  For that is the approximate accuracy of his depiction - he turns God into Dog, makes a movie that is one, and reduces Joshua Panderit's (Jesus's) humbling, troubled and inspiring life to an inaccurate depiction of torture and insanity that makes him the Son of Dog. Mel Gibson For MEL GIBSON also has "faith in Dog".  Clearly, Mel has not an ounce of faith in God. In spite of all his pleas to the contrary, he is, ultimately, a PROGENITOR OF HATE MONGERING and PAID HATE MONGER, son of a pair of HATE MONGERS and worshiper of the black Dog whose false image he casts onto the Jew, onto Jesus/Joshua Panderit, and onto God, Himself. That is, Gibson blatantly blemishes Jesus's polite, worldly, unique and humble memory by despoiling it with like a blight from down under fueled by humans trying to play God, that God being Mel Gibson self-delusion, but ultimately only turning out to be, in reality, playing "Dog". The Actor, the King, the Jester, the Whore, the Liar and the Thief of everyone's hearts with his corrupted, seductive string of STUPID image-frames on the silver screen he is using for so egregious a purpose...

    Just as he seeks to exonerate Joshua Panderit's (Jesus's) true murderers: a Roman Empire so taken with itself that even God was not so high as it's own self-indulgent arrogance, Mel Gibson draws parallels that are spoken by his father who uses the price of petrol to try and whitewash the murder of millions of Jews and Europeans, pictures of only a tiny few cases are depicted on this page.  The overwhelming evidence of 70 horrific Death Camps along with mobil "killing Garrisons", millions of unmarked bodies in unmarked graves, crematoriums, gas chambers, and Nazi atrocities were so well documented by Allied and Russian Expeditionary Forces who liberated the few remaining survivors still within these camps (which ranged from France to Russia to Belgium to Poland to Germany proper) that it is unimaginable that the Gibson both wish to exonerate Rome for killing Jesus and blame the Jews at exactly the same moment as they deny the murder of 26 million Europeans (including Jews) by Nazi Germany, disingenuously "unwilling" to accept it as anything but routine warfare or "imaginary": thereby delivering the ultimate lie and ultimate denial of the truth at the same time.  All while smugly claiming otherwise. The message of Master Racism and Anti-Semitism is so strong and delivered with hardly a word between this little three person coven of smiling jack-o-lanterns of RACIAL HATE, the family Gibson, that any reviewer or critic who misses it, is simply dead STUPID.
Mel Gibson & Danny Glover    Mel Gibson wants us all to believe his Racist Lunacy, and accordingly: to have Faith in Dog!  To quote his friends, the Romans: Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)!!  And us Jews and Christians?  Like our fellow devout believer in God, Joshua Panderit (Jesus), we forgive you, Mel, because you clearly know not what you do.  However: buy your BS? That's another story... Not in this or any other Century!  "We love Jesus, we don't love you for miscasting his life in a very violent and perverse light, Mel Gibson.  We may forgive you and your father's stone cold ignorance and dishonesty, here...  But not your profit motive!  That is another story."


                              written: February 23, 2004




this is a completely worthless Kronen note, used as forcible payment to Jewish prisoners by SS Guards, for their belongings, labor and for the bodies of loved ones put to death, when flesh was rendered for use in boots, teeth for gold, glasses for metals, hair for military pillows.  A symbolic act of cruelty and source of constant amusement for SS Camp Guards who would frequently double the payout to an individual on their way to the Gas Showers prior to Cremation, something that Mel Gibson appears not to understand...


Mel Gibson, Christian. “I want to kill him. I want his intestines on a stick…I want to kill his dog.”

(New York Times columnist Frank Rich, the target of Gibson’s wrath, told the Daily News through a spokesman that he doesn’t actually have a dog.)

According to the News, Gibson “reluctantly” removed, from his weirdo ultramontaine Jesus movie, a particularly lurid scene involving Jewish high priest Caiaphas. “I wanted it in,” he said. “But, man, if I included that in there, they’d be coming after me at my house, they’d come kill me.”

Yeah, “they.” With their hooked noses, their interest payments, and their take-out Chinese food. Will their wickedness ever end? Quite the paragon, Mel Gibson.

A lot of phospors have been spent arguing over the extent to which Mel can be held to account for the views of his notoriously anti-Semitic parents, Hutton and Joye Gibson. As the New York Times reported, in a piece no longer available on line, Hutton and Joye…

—told the Times that the Holocaust was a fabrication manufactured to hide an arrangement between Adolf Hitler and “financiers” to move Jews out of Germany to the Middle East to fight Arabs.

“Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body,” Hutton Gibson told the Times. “It takes one liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now six million?”

Said Joye Gibson: “That weren’t even that many Jews in all of Europe.”

But can Mel really be held responsible for this? Who cares? Here’s lovable Mel himself, in his own words, interviewed by Playboy in 1995:
IBSON: Women are just different. Their sensibilities are different.

PLAYBOY: Any examples?

GIBSON: I had a female business partner once. Didn’t work.

PLAYBOY: Why not?

GIBSON: She was a cunt.

There’s the voice of Christian compassion. Who could doubt him?

-reprinted from is an organization of multi-denominational human beings dedicated to ending the use of religious misrepresentation for the purposes of promoting Hate and conflicts of religious difference.  The expression "Have Faith in Dog!" refers to being misled by those claiming to depict or describe religious history who, by altering just a little bit of it (or sometimes, a lot), achieve the kind of transference of HATE and BLAME off the backs of the power structure for whom they work (ordinarily one which is repressing the audience of such fraud) onto the backs of those whom they target for Religious HATE by proxy. accepts donations but uses all of or most all of it's finances for the intended purposes and goals of the organization, bringing about an end to Religious HATE, PREJUDICE and DISCRIMINATION.

The Pictures of Dead and Dying above are reprinted here, courtesy of various Nazi German Death Camp / Holocaust Documentary Websites, such as:

Other sites include:

  • The Cybrary of the Holocaust", created by Mike Dunn, it is certainly one of the best source of documents about the Holocaust on the Net.
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    Holocaust victims who perished in Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. The names will be contextualized with the addition of explanatory notes, background materials, eyewitness and survivor accounts, still photos, and video film. Every effort will be made to determine when and where the victims died. The Brest Ghetto Passport Archive consists of documents prepared at the order of the Nazi authorities after the capture of Brest in the summer of 1941. All Jews of 14 years of age and above living in the Brest Ghetto were required to obtain and sign for identity papers, which included their names, ages, and the names and dates of birth of their parents. A photo of each person was taken and all those receiving these internal passports were required to sign for them.
  • "The Missing Identity Site" : The purpose of this site is to serve as a home for clarifying facts and conveying multidirectional information which might lead to identifying the children who lost their identity in the Holocaust. TO BE VISITED!!
  • "": A complete and comprehensive study published on a Columbia University Masters Thesis, available free on the internet with downloads. It contains the History of Jewish Education in Europe and America prior to the war. The Holocaust itself , and the impact it had on survivors. And finally, the resurgence in America that resulted from the after-shocks of the Holocaust (1939-1945).

2 - The Einsatzgruppen

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